Opening hours

Friday 9-1 and 2-5.00p.m.
Saturday mornings 9am to 1pm.

Opening hours are currently restricted due to Covid but other times may be available. please phone 0121 472-4673 to speak to me. I manage calls myself and will call back if I am not available when you ring.


Oakville Dental Surgery, 968 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6NB


First consultation and treatment (45-60 minutes) £50.00
Follow-ups (30 minutes) £44.00

I provide home visits for the disabled and those who cannot climb stairs (in the local area only) but please note that additional charges apply and that only limited treatment can be given in the home environment.

Areas covered

Selly Oak
Kings Norton
Selly Park

You can also book appointments with me at the following clinics*:
Six Ways Clinic, 24 Birmingham Rd. Walsall.WS1 2LT. (01922- 622521)
Kidderminster Grand Osteopaths, 22 Church Road, Kidderminster.

*Different fees apply at these clinics

On your first visit we will need:

1. Your personal details, e.g. Name, address, phone number, date of birth. These are for OUR RECORDS ONLY and are a legal requirement. I will not share them with anyone else, sell them on or use them for marketing purposes. I will only contact others e.g. your GP or imaging services with your permission.
2. The details of your current complaint, I.e. Why you have come to see an osteopath, how long you have had symptoms and what you hope to achieve from Osteopathic treatment.
3. Your past medical history including details of any serious illnesses, operations and any medication you are taking, scan or x-ray results if you have copies and any exercises you have been prescribed by a GP or physiotherapist.

After taking a detailed history I may decide to examine you. This will require you to remove some clothing in most cases. You are welcome to bring a chaperone with you and if you are uncomfortable I will cover you with towels.
Examination may involve physical palpation (pressing or feeling your muscles or joints), watching you carry out certain movements, passive joint examination (where I move your joints for you), neurological assessment or other examinations e.g. taking your blood pressure.
After this I will attempt to formulate a working diagnosis. This will be explained to you before any treatment is started. I will ask for your CONSENT before any treatment.
In addition it is important that you understand RISKS of treatment.
Osteopathic treatment is very safe, but temporary soreness for 24-48 hours is not uncommon and is part of the healing process. Other risks are specific to the type of treatment carried out and your condition and will be explained to you during your visit.

Treatment usually consists of soft tissue work (a type of massage), joint articulation (aimed at increasing the range of movement of stiff joints), manipulation (‘clicking’), traction (stretching of joints), lifestyle and self-help advice and exercise prescription. In some cases I use medical acupuncture to help alleviate pain.
I will not undertake treatment immediately if I feel you are unlikely to benefit or if I require further information, e.g. blood tests or MR scans. I do not sign people up for multiple sessions in advance or use high pressure sales techniques.

I aim to keep my charges as reasonable as possible and there is no pressure to commit to numerous sessions in advance. I am registered with major health insurance providers e.g AXA PPP.