The most common conditions I see in my clinic affecting the shoulder joint are rotator cuff tendonitisand adhesive capsulitis. Both conditions are often labeled ‘Frozen Shoulder’ and both can cause pain and restriction of shoulder movement making it difficult for sufferers to perform normal daily tasks like putting on a seatbelt or reaching up to a high shelf. Symptoms are often worse at night and can disturb sleep.
Shoulder problems are often slow to recover and frustrating for both patient and osteopath alike!

Treatment is aimed at dealing with the underlying causes of the condition which may be degeneration of the tendon or inflammation within the joint, correcting poor posture and restoring normal function of the joint with a combination of passive stretching performed by the osteopath and an exercise regime to be carried out at home. In some cases I use medical acupuncture to help with pain.
In most cases frozen shoulder will get better with time and patience but your osteopath will have lots of experience in treating this condition and will be able to tell you if you might need extra help such as a cortisone (steroid) injection or, in rare cases, surgery.

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